Chrome extensions to enhance your GITHUB experience

Chrome extensions to enhance your GITHUB experience

A curated list of awesome extensions & add-ons for Github

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·May 2, 2021·

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As a developer, we use GitHub every day and it is already a great tool, but what if we can make it even better with some chrome extensions!

Let's have a look at some of them 🔽

1. Octotree

It enhances GitHub code review and exploration with features like:

  • IDE-like code tree
  • Folder and file search
  • Issues and Pull Request bookmarking
  • Support for private repositories

I like this extension very much! It lets you explore the files and folders of a repository with a tree like structure.


Github Repo | Chrome Extension

2. Open in VS Code

It Opens links to source code for any github repository in VSCode. Also works with Gitlab.


💡 Tip: In case you want to open the whole repository in GitHub directly with VSCode view rather than a single file, Just add 1s after github. Example: ->

Github Repo | Chrome Extension

3. Refined GitHub

It simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features too, for instance:

  • Adds reaction avatars showing who reacted to a comment
  • Adds one-click merge conflict fixers
  • Adds a button to revert all the changes to a file in a PR


Github Repo | Chrome Extension

4. Do-not-merge-WIP

Disables "Merge pull request" button while ANY of the following is true:

  • Title contains "[wip]" (case insensitive)
  • Any tasks remain incomplete
  • Any commit messages remain prefixed with "squash!" or "fixup!"


Github Repo | Chrome Extension

5. Enhanced GitHub

It provides useful features on top of GitHub Website:

  • Displays repo size
  • Displays each file size for every active branch
  • Show download link for each file
  • Copy file's contents directly to Clipboard
  • Download file while viewing its contents.


Github Repo | Chrome Extension

6. Githunt

It lets you hunt the most starred projects on GitHub on any date. Very useful when you want to explore the most trending repo of the week/month/year.


Github Repo | Chrome Extension

7. CodeCopy

It lets you copy the text from any file on github to your clipboard. Apart from Github it also works on :

  • Stack Overflow
  • MDN
  • Medium
  • npm
  • Gist


Github Repo | Chrome Extension

Wrapping Up 👋

So with this, we come to the end of the list! In case you know another extension that I haven't included but you find it useful, please feel free to share those in the comments below😀

I hope you have enjoyed this article and found it helpful.

Thanks For Reading :)

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